The Salvation Army Kroc Center Self-Defense Workshop (FULL)

April 20, 2023
6:00 pm

8:00 pm
Sponsored By:
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Event Description

When you’re stuck in a situation that requires you to fight, you can rely on the techniques taught by the Revolution Fitness instructors! Sponsored by U93 and hosted by Revolution Fitness, a FREE level one women’s safety and self-defense class will take place at The Kroc Center Chapel, April 20, from 6-8pm. Please note that this event will be recorded. Open to public.
I agree to waive any claim of damages against the school and/or its principals or its instructors in any case resulting from the activity. I agree that any photographs or motion pictures taken during the school's activities may be used for promotional purposes. I understand that I may not teach any techniques learned in class without the express written consent of the Safe Society Foundation/Revolution Fitness Center.