Keeping Law Enforcement and First Responders SAFE

S.A.F.E. has been developed with law enforcement over 20 years of real life policing. The system is based in multiple martial arts forms and was developed to maximize the effectiveness of the officer with the least amount of danger to the citizen. Good policing is policing that values the Police and the citizen.

Law Enforcement In this country is facing a large scale problem; the pressure on law enforcement has never been higher. The community is underfunded and there techniques are antiquated. The police are trained with fewer hours than most Hair stylist are required to have to cut hair. Departments only require 2 hours of physical tactics training a year.

Physical Tactics

Officer safety is important and paramount to survival. Our classes reinforce the basics of physical tactics as well as build out from that foundation.

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Training Above and Beyond

Our program covers not only physical tactics on how to defend from an attacker, but also law-enforcement tactics. How to restrain an individual safely. How to deescalate situations to avoid force. How to use tactics to avoid deadly encounters. How to use tactics to avoid using a gun or taser.

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Client Testimonials

Keeping the Community SAFE

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