Keeping the Community SAFE

We are committed to:

  • Train law enforcement to safely and effectively police the community.
  • Train women to defend themselves and their loved ones from harm, empowering them to feel safe.
  • Train children to overcome bullying and confidence issues, giving them the tools to feel safe and strong, as well as dealing with abuse and confrontational issues.
  • Train Veterans to assimilate back to society with mind, body, and soul

S.A.F.E. Physical Tactics: Survive, Adapt, Fight, Escape

S.A.F.E. has been developed with law enforcement over 20 years of real life policing. The system is based in multiple martial arts forms and was developed to maximize the effectiveness of the officer with the least amount of danger to the citizen. Good policing is policing that values the Police and the citizen.

Law Enforcement In this country is facing a large scale problem; the pressure on law enforcement has never been higher. The community is underfunded and there techniques are antiquated. The police are trained with fewer hours than most Hair stylist are required to have to cut hair. Departments only require 2 hours of physical tactics training a year.

2 HOURS to be on the street dealing with the public in potentially violent scenarios.

Our program covers not only physical tactics on how to defend from an attacker, but also law-enforcement tactics. How to restrain an individual safely. How to deescalate situations to avoid force. How to use tactics to avoid deadly encounters. How to use tactics to avoid using the gun or taser.

Police car light bar on and flashing red and blue

Women’s Self Defense and Empowerment

It is our goal to provide training to all women. Statistics show that women are far more susceptible to being attacked, raped or robbed. Women today have not been taught the basic tenants of self defense and situational awareness.

Our system gives women an option to feel SAFE, to own their own space and to identify threats. The tools to respond to those threats and stay safe.

Black and white photo of a woman at the gym leaning against a punching bag.

Kids' Self Defense & Empowerment

Kids today are facing so many issues, from cyber bullying to everyday physical bullying. Our goal is to give kids every advantage to deal with this horrible trend. Children experiences forms them into the adults they will become. Children are our treasure as a society and we help them to be the best they can be.

Our program gives kids the tools they need to feel confident and successful. Every child is important and with our program they work hard and feel what success and earning rank is all about. That confidence carries over to their whole life. Bullies no longer have the ability to make them feel small or insignificant. Grades and home life improve the longer they are in the program.

Every child not only is physically challenged but also mentally. The growth allows them to handle more stressful situations.

We also work to train and help prevent the absolute worst-case scenarios such as child abuse and child trafficking.

Female child in a gi making a fist motion.

Veteran Services (Scuba, Physical Tactics, Fitness Training and Counseling)

We are Vets and understand the difficulty some members of the military face when coming back home and integrating back to society. The loss of a brotherhood and a mission can really bring a Vet down. We free the mind with group sessions and counseling along with freeing the body with exercise and physical tactics. We also have a Scuba operation available that helps the vets to create goals and experience different activities. The Suicide rate among ex military is the highest in the nation and we must answer the call to help everyone we can.

Man draped in an American flag with full combat uniform on a black background.


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Keeping the Community SAFE

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